Halmahera Coffee Factory

We Create = Coffee + Your Brand

All In One Place

We produce coffee with your own brand.
So let our expertise help you focus on your business.

Halmahera Coffee Factory is more than just a coffee roaster, we are your one stop coffee research, planning, buying and production company.

Our focus is helping your coffee businesses grow and often we listened to our past customers and realized small businesses need to innovate to grow their product offering to increase customer pickup and increase sales. However, this means your business have to take a risk to buy new ingredients and waste valuable time to create products which may not be suitable for your customer segment.

By knowing you better, allow our team to create new coffee products, review them and do all the quality checks needed for us to send it into production as your own Coffee Brand.

With this, we hope that you, as our partners become smarter and more successful businesses.

Café Supplies Label

Our products that you can do custom branding for your small business with low quantity commitment. The coffee beans range from Arabica to Robust from Indonesia.

Custom Coffee Products

Private Brand Service

Our B2B private label service allow us to create your own company coffee product line. Our team loves experimenting with coffee, and we can come up with imaginative blends and unique brews.

If you need more details on how we can create your custom coffee brand for your business, drop us a message here.

In Indonesia, coffee roasting are mainly done traditionally and using small roaster in 5kg – 10kg capacity. Our coffee roasters are manual cast iron roasters with 50kg and 100kg capacity. We focus in using Indonesian coffee beans from many regions such as Arabica Aceh Gayo, Arabica Sumatra Mandailing, Arabica Sumatra Lintong, Robusta Sumatra Lampung, Robusta Java, Arabica Java, Arabica Sulawesi Toraja, Arabica Bali, Robusta Bali, Arabica Flores Timtim, Arabica Papua Wamena and many other private estates coffee. Most of the estates coffee offer premium specialty Arabica beans, coffee luwak or Civet Coffee. 

We provide many product solution and services to many small business, exporters, distributor coffee and also coffee suppliers who need to have private label coffee services done for them . The private label service or custom coffee blending are our main products and we created 2in1 coffee, 3in1 coffee, premium coffee beans, coffee powders, coffee sachets, retail coffee,  export coffee, as well as green beans supply.  Sometimes our clients also want to have cheap and lower quality coffee that we produce from a cost point of view, creating a value, and a balance of taste and affordability.